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This Year Pay Zakat by donating New Clothes to poor people. In this regards, we have arrange a Zakat Program. please put your best contribution to build strong base for good cause. Your feedback are always welcome at our email.

1. How to contribute:

1. Let us know your name , country and amount to be paid for Zakat / Fitrah / Donation in US$. Please mark it clearly what ever it is.

2. Select your your choice by copying and pasting the picture link location from our website and send via email.

3. Send email to: in order to get total billed amount & other info.

2. Zakat Packages:

You may select by selecting one of the Zakat Packages as well below.

Packages  Un Stitched Worth in  Dicounted 
  Suits US$ Rates in US$
Package 1 5+1 150 100
Package 2 14+2 400 300
Package 3 30+4 800 600
Package 4 45+6 1275 900
Package 5 60+7 1675 1200
Package 6 75+8 2075 1500
Package 7 100+10 2750 2000
Package 8 150+15 4125 3000
Package 9 250+20 6750 5000
Package 10 500+50 16500 10000

Benefits of Participation:

Pay your Zakat / Donation to most deserving people.

50% Off over all Stitching Charges.

10% Off over all cotton brand lawn suits.

20% Off over all cotton unbranded lawn suits.

FREE Delivery within Pakistan.



Jazak Allah


Donate Clothing


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